Certificate of arts specialized in design, at the Institute of Applied Arts, Montreal (B.A.)
Certificate specialized in teaching arts, UQAM, Montreal (B.A.)
C.A.P.E.S. (Postgraduate diploma for teaching in secondary schools), University of Yaoundé, Cameroon, Africa
Mastership in arts, Concordia University, Montreal (M.A.)
Doctorate in administration, H.E.C.(MBA)
Certificate in Spanish studies, McGill University, Montreal (CSS)
Certificate in Arabic studies, Montreal University, Montreal (CSA)

Suzanne (SÜ) Fortin’s, inspiration comes mostly from experiences she has had around the world, Africa being her “second home”.    In creating her dimensional art, she explains that she feels like an instrument by which pictures and words are played out on the canvas; as if, like an orchestra, each colour, paper, wire, and material used is becoming a three dimensional symphony. 

A lot of the materials used in her art come from recycled items found scattered in her environment; some found in nature, abandoned buildings or along the roadside.  Most of the subjects SÜ depicts translate her preoccupations about social worldwide problems such as poverty and sickness, slavery or lack of water; and also of the people she has met during her expeditions around the world, namely in Africa where she lived for 10 years.

In addition to SÜ’s deeply emotional expressions of world suffering, she also reveals her lighter side through humorous works of animals and humans.

SÜ lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but travels often to nourish her creativity and inspiration. She also takes courses abroad to expand her  technical knowledge of mixed media and dimensional art, for which she has become most well known.

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miXed media ~ dimensional artist
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Suzanne Fortin